Glendale, California Public Library Computer Creeps

Posted: November 14, 2007 in News, Police, provocateur
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City of Glendale, Californa main library computer creep monitoring snoops sabotage this police abuse citizen protest web-site for “COP NEWS NOT IN MEDIA” web-site posting  and below you tube video posting; manipulating editing session to distort, impede and garble legbility of site content. June 10, 2008, 4PM.


You tube posting:

Glendale Police Operative-Provocateur

Finger Gesture“Dirty Tricks” Baiting




The United States of America

Land of the Free?




“Historically, what has made America great is that the common Joe and Jane citizen in the street can openly question, criticize or object to the policies, methods and behaviors of those in positions of authority without fear of reprisal or retaliation.


When that ceases is when our grand Republic degenerates to a clandestine Stalinist, Gestapo police state.” –Anonymous








Surveillance and Security


The Power to Pry, Harm and Destroy


The Agent Provocateur and The Informant,

American Journal of Sociology

by Gary T. Marx, MIT and Harvard Center for Criminal Justice





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