Police Motorcrade

Police Motorcrade


 The forth coming documents are correspondence of a citizen police complaint-and police auditor’s reply-filed in protest to engineered false criminal charges.  












Reply #01

Good Morning Mr. Reyes: 

This email is to confirm receipt of your email and the hand delivered copy received by our office on November 15, 2006.

After reviewing your letter, let me explain the working and limitations of this office, and the options that are available to you. The Office of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA) was established to provide civilian oversight of citizen complaints filed against members of the San Jose Police Department.  Although this office is not the primary investigative body, it is responsible for monitoring and tracking citizen complaints through the investigative process to ensure that a thorough, fair and objective investigation is completed.  The IPA is also an alternate location for citizens to file a complaint reporting misconduct by a San Jose Police officer.

 In your message you indicated you were discouraged, by an officer, from filing a report. That is something we could help you file a complaint about if you are interested. You also suggested that a report had been taken regarding your activities, and you wanted access to that information.

In Santa Clara County, a police report cannot be released to a named suspect nor can information about the arrest of another be released, except by the court or the District Attorney, or to the attorney representing the named suspect. It is hard to understand from your email what, exactly, you were requesting from the officer. If you received a citation, you also received a court date.  It is on that court date that you will be advised what if any charges have been filed against you. However, the citation should indicate the violations, and the officer could have advised you of the basic nature of the charges against you. 

If you would like to initiate a complaint against the officer you may do that through our office. It you would like to come in, please call for an appointment, or we can take your complaint over the phone.  If you are looking for more information about charges that may have been filed against you, you will need to ask about those in court. 

I have recorded your email as an Inquiry at this time, case number I2006 – 0507. No additional investigation will be conducted unless you our office and request a formal complaint be filed.  Please call our office (408) 794-6226, Monday -Friday between 8:30 and 4:30pm and we will be happy to help you take the appropriate action. 

Regards, Suzan Stauffer Compliant ExaminerOffice of the Independent Police Auditor

75 East Santa Clara Street

Suite L-93
San Jose, CA





 To Censor and Silence Religious Voice 




 Reply #02

Dear Mr. Reyes:

Thank you for your response and clarification of your concerns.  I understand you still have some questions. It would be easiest if we could talk either by phone or in person.  We will be closed for the Thanksgiving weekend, Thursday – Sunday, but will be open again on Monday 11/27 at 8:30am for calls. 408-794-6226

After further discussion we can decide if there are allegations of misconduct by specific officers, or if perhaps someone could explain the reasons for some of the actions that concern you.  If there is a question about policies within the Department – we can also look at that question.

It’s difficult to do this piecemeal by email.  I look forward to talking with you to better understand your concerns.

Regards,Suzan Stauffer 





Selectively suppressing or omitting incident, event facts is misrepresentation by concealment, Suppressio veri.


Reply #03

December 06, 2006



“ . . . The officer’s statements were “deliberate misrepresentation not involving a direct lie,” intended to prohibit, suppress and deny me legitimate right to file a counter claim . . .”  



Good morning Mr. Reyes,

I have reviewed your emails.  Do I understand that you did not file this second statement with the police department? Our office cannot take or file a report for you. However, if you wish to file a complaint about the officer’s inaction I can attach the email as your statement of the facts surrounding the event.

Please be advised that, while I can accept your complaint in email form, Internal Affairs will want to speak to you, and probably ask you to identify the officers involved from photos. You may ask someone to accompany you to that meeting if you wish.

I would appreciate it if you could call, 408-794-6226, or come in to the office, 75 E Santa Clara Street, Lower Level Suite 93, to further discuss what how you would like to proceed with your complaint. The other option is to indicate, by email, that you are requesting an investigation and I will forward your emails to Internal Affairs and ask them to contact you to follow up. 

Your complaint will remain an Inquiry, without further investigation, until I hear from you. 

Regards,Suzan Stauffer  




“cum masculo non commisceberis coitu femineo quia abominatio est” Leviticus 18:22



“. . . target of surreptitious entrapment schemes. . .”






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