“At one time in America patriotism meant more than just allegiance to one’s own group, it meant doing right!”

A. Victor Reyes

 “Among my people are wicked men who lie in wait like men who snare birds and like those who set traps to catch men. Like cages full of brids, their houses are full of deceit; they have become rich and powerful and have grown fat and sleek. Their evil deeds have no limit . . .” Jeremiah 5:26-29 NIV

“Those that act by deceit, with a color of law and justice, do more mischief perhaps than those wicked men that carry all before them by open force and violence.” 

Matthew Henry’s, (1662-1714), Commentary on The Whole Bible

Established Authority
Daniel 4:17 NIV

Well, I am not certain just where to begin. So I am going to just start writing and attempt to unscramble it later.


I must say thought, that my ongoing and present circumstances continues to be one of the most arduous, stressful, debilitating life experiences I’ve suffered. My sense of self-autonomy and physical well being are shattered.


For the past ten plus years, I’ve been the target of a pernicious retaliatory, blacklisting smear campaign by a former employer.


It all began while employed with a federal agency, (U.S. Post Office). While employed, I voiced outspoken objections to the unusually harsh and inhumane treatment inflicted on line employees by superiors. Also, I raised questions of possible supervisor culpability regarding such treatment in the then recent rash of work place postal tragedies. Because of my outspokenness and objections to such supervisor treatment, I was branded by this agency as a disloyal, untrustworthy, trouble-making employee, treasonous to a federal employer, maligned a misfit, and unsuitably for continued postal employment.


After two years of relentless mobbing,(http://www.mobbing-usa.com/) on and off the job by so called “loyal” fellow employees and government employer operatives, I eventually succumb to resigning from postal employment with fifteen plus years of combine military and civil federal service. I was force from and resign postal employment with aspirations and assumptions of securing “a new start” else where. Oh! How badly mistaken my assumptions were. This federal agency, along with allied municipal law enforcement authorities continues their ax-grinding, venomous smear campaign with rigor-over ten years since resigning!


In a hell-bent, authoritarian haughtiness campaign of malice and spite an array of government entity conspirators and confederate law enforcement authorities and clandestine operative-provocateurs parrot their mantra of “God Bless America” as assent to conscience and license for utilizing “Police Powers” as implements in retaliation. Under a twisted banner of repugnant, odious Un-American patriotism, these Yankee Doodle, “Brown-shirt,” belligerents plot to discredit and quash legitimate grievances “Under Cover of Law.”


Jointly, their arsenal of reprisal weaponry is plentiful and varied, masquerading in an array of forms. Beneath the costumed veneer, their unfettered poisonous purposes remains unaltered; to stigmatize, ostracize, alienate, vilify, dehumanize, decimate-economically, psychologically and physically-and silence ultimately, my voice.

Due to my ongoing outspoken objections against these police powers, authority abuses, I am maligned a misfit, outcast, and disloyal; and whence surreptitiously, have been reduced to penury and homelessness, (economic sabotage-blacklisting-employment and educational). My prospects for sustaining a livelihood are near non-existent. The cumulative impact of this protracted economic sabotage, coupled with domestic misfortune, (fractured marriage, loss of social standing, feelings of despair), and past mistaken life choices have been catastrophic and devastating.”

Harmful Bacteria Food Lacings:

One of the most troubling and perilous anxieties of this malicious campaign is being repeatedly targeted with minuscule doses of neurological inhibitors and toxic bacteria in my food and drink.


Police sleeper operatives posted in staff positions of authority and as clients seeking services in church soup kitchens, rescue missions, public medical clinics and other charitable and government sponsored organizations providing services to the poor, along with gullible, acquiescing, so called “good citizen” confederate employees in public restaurants, fast-food eateries, mobile catering lunch trucks and hot food street vendors repeatedly lace my food and drink with neuropharmacological agents, neural inhibitors, or sleep-inducing calmative agents and other substances that produce similar psychoactive and progressively terminal effects.


These medicated, cumulative toxic lacings accelerate the progression of other physical maladies, illness or catastrophic disorders and there-by are ensuring and hastening a premature death craftily attributed to other maladies. This is state masked MURDER, clandestine euthanasia! Cunningly close to indiscernible.


Moreover, my health has been impaired by insidious suspect individuals, (social control police operatives), masquerading as public square compassionate Samaritans, which in fact, bestow prepared tainted food to those suffering adversity and misfortune, like myself.


Church and State Compromise:
Religious bodies and clergies acquiesce, sanctioning and passive, active complicity in the State’s intrusive, oppressive citizen targeting practices.

Planting fictitious criminal acts in media, (story planting), in scheme to surreptitiously badger and harass targeted citizen-critic. Local law enforcement-“Under Color of Law,” (a criminal investigation)-utilize repetitive displays and reoccurring appearances of confederate and counterfeit television film crews, marked police patrol cars, uniformed police patrolmen and plain clothe officers as implements of insidious badgering and reprisal at routine, frequented sites it being same site-church sanctuary-of fictitious criminal act, (staged police investigation).

Use of Public Facilities:

On site San Jose State University Public library computer monitors infect personal floppy storage disks with software viruses to sabotage and disrupt data retrieval downloads of Internet data and information. This is tantamount to arbitrary access prohibitions to public facilities because of disfavor or personally held bias. Moreover, authority computer snoop personnel reconfigure this Internet web site to filter, sabotage and thwart all incoming responses, messages and communication contact attempts regarding this web-site and petition request.

As example, Google search “prayer petition,” on Google blog search engine, then click the given displayed hot link bearing my name-A Victor Reyes. You’ll discover the hot link takes you to an identical page as this one, but without the prayer petition content. There is an edited entry page-not by me-declaring you’ve encounter a PROBLEM. I’ve attempted to remedy this with a PROBLEM HOT LINK at the blog roll listing, page right. Check it out. I suspect after discovering this entry the computer creep monitoring snoops will restore my web page. This entry will remain, nonetheless, Dec 03, 2007, 2052hrs.

My e-mail accounts too have been manipulated, sabotaged to intercept and filter communication attempts regarding this web-site protest and my plight. Moreover, I am repeatedly assaulted by relentless electronic contact with intent to annoy forwarding unsolicited pornographic material to my personal e-mail accounts.

National Guard Armory Winter Overnight Shelters:

In National Guard armory winter shelters, clandestine police provocateur predators lie in wait, feigning sleep in adjacent sleeping spaces until I finally succumb to sleep overtaken by weariness. Police provocateurs inject minuscule doses of harmful, progressively lethal substances in me while I sleep vulnerable, unprotected and unable to defend myself.

The following is an account of a recent past experience in a California National Guard Armory Winter Shelter in Culver City, California ten to fifteen miles southwest of Los Angeles.

I awaken in the armory shelter the following morning with seven to eight inflamed hypodermic needle puncture wounds glaring from my wrist. I am not a drug user nor were the wounds present prior to sleep. I was alarmed, frighten, and distraught. Within a few hours my heart and pulse rates elevated, beating abnormally high. I became nauseous, dizzy and unable to maintain my equilibrium. I cannot articulate the anxiety and uneasiness that permeates my psyche by this haunting, nightmarish experience. I did not return to the armory the following night.

The prior evening, a group of three Anglo men stuck-up a conversation with me, of particular note were two older men, say late fifties, to early or mid sixties years of age. Their outward appearance was disheveled and unkempt; both carried worn, soiled backpacks and bags. The third party of the group a younger man-mid thirties-initiated and responded most during the conversation. This man was bedded down on an army cot, in the next row of cots aside mine, at my foot. The topic of conversation was controversial. It had to do with abuse of police powers. I must admit, my perspective on the subject was and is some what jaded due to pass and present negative experiences with a former employer’s reprisals-federal agency-through confederate law enforcement entities.

In past months and weeks prior to this incident, I voiced outspoken objections to these types of police powers abuses. I felt I was being targeted and harassed by law enforcement operatives for my objections and outspoken criticism.

Upon receiving my next paycheck, approximately 3 days later, I left the Los Angeles area troubled, distraught and fear laden. Upon arrival in San Francisco, I went immediately to San Francisco General Hospital emergency room. Several days had pass since the armory incident and scabs with inflamed red circles around the scabs had formed over the needle wounds. That entire night, approximately 10PM to 8AM, I awaited treatment in an uncrowded hospital emergency waiting room. In the morning, I informed the attending physician the particulars of the Culver City armory shelter experience.

While awaiting blood and urine taken test results, a group of uniformed San Francisco Police Officers-eight to nine-appeared a couple of emergency treatment sections over from me. Just outside a curtained-off treatment section-injured policeman-the police officers huddled in several small group semi-circles, speaking in low, indiscernible, whispered tones.

The attending emergency room physician after conferring with several officers in a vacant examining room, hurrily returned to me, and began repeatedly, checking and rechecking my scabbed over hypodermic needle puncture wounds. During this re-examining process, he forcibly rubbed off several of the needle wound scabs, saying in the process, “the wounds are nothing more than some type of insect bites, not hypodermic needle puncture wounds” “ . . .get some rest,” giving me a prescription for nausea and headache.


In other California National Guard armory shelters I’ve been targeted with similar reprisals and retaliation: Sunnyvale, Gilroy, Glendale, Burbank, and Fullerton, California and other similarly municipal sponsored church shelters.

Retaliatory Conspicuous Predatory Stalking:

While sleeping vulnerable and unprotected, there have been several occurrences of being exploited by predators during sleep. Several times I’ve awakened in the morning with inflamed hypodermic needle puncture wounds glaring from my wrist, ankles or feet. I don’t use drugs, drink or smoke.

Although, I’ve under gone several medical and blood examinations with no adverse disclosures, I continue to sense my health waning and impaired. Indeed, this is my most severe and perilous anxiety.

Inflammatory, Divisive Issue Confrontational Baiting:

Market-square and commercial retail setting inflammatory baiting by police operative-provocateurs to provoke verbal sparing and or physical confrontation.

San Jose police orchestrate confrontational baiting incident utilizing young man police provocateur-operative masquerading as patron customer just outside a dollar value retail store.

Weeks prior to this incident, police engineer an in-store, customer cashier check out line dispute involving an allied young mother confederate with children, and provocateur-operative jumping waiting line in front of mother and I waiting behind her.

Stating to a boyish looking young negro provocateur-masquerading as young black ruffian-after jumping check out line, “This lady was here before you and so was I,” he got smart mouthed snarled in reply, ”Mind your own business!” A heated, short volley of words ensued between us. The mother then acknowledged, that indeed the young boy had left the line before I arrived and was only returning to his previous place.

That was the objective of this incident scheme, to create discord and engineer the groundwork, license for a future provocation, physical altercation just outside the store ending with my arrest by San Jose authorities laying in wait around the corner out of sight.

Week’s prior to this incident, I was the target of another method of retaliation tactic orchestrated by local authorities.That was the utilization of an obnoxious, pugnacious drunk to provoke a physical altercation resulting in my arrest for fighting in public by police idling in a squad car, by happen-chance just around the corner.

Most likely, this too can be utilized as white wash, and seemly legitimacy by all superficial appearances to be just a another common day beef between two fellas on the street, but in reality is camouflaged, engineered surreptitious retaliation by calculating San Jose police authorities.

Duplicitous befriendment is another technique employed in this provocational scheme of divisive issue baitings.

Impeding and Sabotage of Employee Pension Survivor Claim:

Government authority operatives surreptitiously falsify vital record data, (spouse death record marital status), in scheme to defraud and thwart survivor benefit employee pension entitlement.

“. . . Join me in my struggle by prayer to God for me.” Romans 15:30 NIV

 The Corruption of Human Character

Shedding Responsibility: A Road to Evil

 The Human Behavior Experiments

CBC – The Human Behavior Experiments pt 1/2

CBC – The Human Behavior Experiments pt 2/2


. . .If the LORD has incited you against me, then may he accept an offering. If, however, men have done it may they be cursed before the LORD! …” I Samuel 26:19 NIV


Multiple Jurisdictional Criminal “Jacketing “ Scheme, Classic Ax-Grinding Police “Gotcha Campaign:”

A Man Has A Right

To Raised His Fist at Injustice!


 Tommie Smith & John Carlos; Gold and Bronze Medalists 200m

Olympic Games 1968 Mexico City

 A Swagger of Immunity

 In three major Northern California cities, law enforcement operative-provocateurs, clandestinely target a homeless, middle-aged man with repeated badgeing and harassement employing same gender lascivious solicitations for expressing religious prohibitions on sodomy and homosexuality; —singing gospel songs, citing Bible verse.

City of San Jose

Office of Independent Police Auditor,

75 East Santa Clara Street., Suite 93,

San Jose, CA. 95113

Subject: Complaint/Grievance; Abuse of Powers and Authority

 Dear Office of Independent Police Auditor, Ms. Barbara Attard

I am not certain just how to disclose my complaint, grievance. I must say though, in an open and supposedly free society as America, I believe my experience in such a society is a man or woman’s worst nightmare.

I am a fifty-nine year old, middle-aged, third generation U. S. citizen and second generation native Californian. I have no adult criminal record and are a Vietnam-era U.S. Armed Forces veteran with military and civil federal service of fifteen plus years. Furthermore, I am a former tax paying property-homeowner with a spouse of nearly twenty years and father of two boys. Presently however, in the last third of life, I bear the misfortune of homelessness, and the accompanying stigma of societal ostracization and it’s dehumanizing impact. Moreover, I am gabbling with failing health and the psychological trauma of insolvency, loss and devastation. In the seeming hopeless dispare of such misfortune and adversity, my prime source of solace and succor is a faith in an omniscience, impartial, just Sovereign. Such faith and hope of ultimate vindication in the extremes of human duress has served to strengthen my perseverance and confidence. With this confident perseverance and expectation of justice and fair play, I present my complain.

When pondering police misconduct and abuse of authority, what fore most comes to mind is not the normal fare of police brutality, evidence manipulation, accepting bribes, or sexual misconduct but it is the recent past dissent era of the 1960’s and 1970’s with accompanying Watergate scandal and revelations of government machinations and abuses of power. The revelations disclosed in congressional sub-committees, media reports and official investigations of the insidious old guard machinery which ensnared “the kid with the peace sign bumper sticker” as subversive,

http://aarclibrary.org/publib/church/reports/book2/html/ChurchB2_0001a.htm .

With this in mind, my complaint, grievance perhaps is a bit different from other citizenry complaints of misconduct considered. My complaint encompasses an array of law enforcement jurisdictions, principally in three major bay area jurisdictions and cities. Sadly, San Jose is one of those cities. To put it in a clearer context, local jurisdictional authorities-police-have been dispatched as a tentacle of government reprisal and persecution, agent in a classic government retaliation and textbook smear campaign. Since my forced resignation-inhumane work environment-from federal employment with fifteen plus years service, I’ve been hounded, harassed, harangued and badgered –vilified and demonized through out California, in town to town and from city to city by municipal law enforcement entities, third party police operatives and gullible, acquiescing-so called “good citizenry.”

In this jurisdiction, Iam repeatedly assaulted and assailed by police provocateur solicitations to commit criminal acts, target of serpentitious entrapment schemes, public square hostile confrontational baiting, relentless “fishing expeditions” under color of law, orchestrated duplicitous relationship solicitations, neurological inhibitor food drugging, sinuous behavior modification and psychological conditioning, sinister profile characterizations, dubious personal data manipulations, and retaliatory conspicuous tracking and predatory stalking.

Perhaps it is fair to assume that coming under scrutiny of local police via third party operatives is to be expected for a new guy in town. It merely reveals that local police are carrying out their public trust-doing their job-of checking out new faces in town, more so, in such times as today. But when the operative character probes, fishing expeditions, provocational baiting, entrapment schemes, staged crime scenes, media story planting, predatory monitoring, tracking and surveillance turn vindictively oppressive being unceasing and relentless over a protracted period-five years plus-in an array of jurisdictions, municipalities, cities and townships, does not that semblance of legitimacy mutate into a warped, fiendish marathon of an insidious ax-grinding “Gotcha campaign?”

As example of harassment, and “dirty tricks,” on October 30, 2006, I was vehemently dissuaded by a sworn San Jose Police Officer from intentions of filing a criminal assault and battery complaint against an individual-male exhibitionist cross dresser-claiming victimization when he and his dog where pepper sprayed after coaxing his dog to attack a passing pedestrian, me.


Frankly, I was taken back by the display of the officer’s odd behavior and adamant opposition to my intentions of filing a complain against the person. I have yet to fully think through the incident, particulars and the officer’s disconcerting behavior. It is quite traumatizing still, compounded by an uneasiness to the officer’s responses. Quite frankly, I am-to put it mildly-a tad fearful under a veiled retaliatory threat of being jailed if I file a complain. “You should consider yourself lucky your not going to jail” the officer declare, “The individual with dog is not pressing charges,” or words to that effect at my declarations to file a complain. Moreover, when inquiring of the officer about the nature of the charges, obtaining incident documentation and related record, I being the alleged accused was told, such incident record, documentation were not available to me. I thought to myself… “is not that a bit odd?” An accused person has no right to hear the charges alleged against him or her, nor right to file petition or rebuttal of some type to such charges? Perhaps I heard incorrectly? 

Near the completion of officer questionings, and again pressed of my intentions of filing a complaint, the officer’s even demeanor elevated to agitation. A near by fellow officer-entering his patrol car-noting the officer’s agitation, closed his car door and marched toward the scene. My immediate personal safety became an issue, I began parroting the questioning officer’s declarations of “being lucky,” and thanking him for his patience and even-handedness. I attempted to cut short the exchange by agreeing with all he declared in the most humble and patronizing fashion. I did not feel like being mauled by a couple of brawny, hundred-ninety pound policemen by adding fuel to the officer’s puzzling-perhaps feign-agitation.  Nonetheless, I definitely felt threaten.

It could be possible, since the so called victim-by outward appearances-was a cross dressing individual, that this might be a factor in the incident outcome and the officer’s queer, peculiar dissuasions. It is beyond doubt that record of the incident had been documented, but just how is it being portrayed? I have yet to put together why photos of this individual with dog were taken by police. Is the incident an assault, accusation of a hate crime because of the so called victim’s lifestyle gender status? What’s the charge? “You have no right to any incident record, documentation or other related incident statement and photographic data,” declared the Officer, in conclusion. How odd, I thought to myself. 

Selectively suppressing or omitting incident, event facts is misrepresentation by concealment, Suppressio veri. Wouldn’t this portray an incident, event as something other than what it really is? Skewing the facts.

For preview of my complaint go to: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dfk6f65p_26gb9hdj .

This incident is just one case in point in a ledger of retaliatory methods employed-via law enforcement-in this  former employer’s-U. S. Post Office-venomous retaliatory smear campaign. The most alarming and hideous dimension of this incessant nightmare is that confederate law enforcement entities are wide-eyed, and fully conscious, knowledgeable in dispatching such malicious off record, clandestine, “dirty trick” tactics, blatantly violating citizenry rights and law of the land with impunity. 

In conclusion, I am uncertain if your in a position to provide remedy and relief to all my afore cited complaints, grievances.  But the incident of the male exhibitionist cross-dresser claiming victimization, I want to file a criminal assault complaint without fear of any kind of veiled threats and indirect third party police-operative retaliation. Also, I want to know the charges filed against me by the so called victim and how is the incident being portrayed by local law enforcement. I am apprehensive of how this grievance will impact me directly or tactics of my oppressors. In light of historical record of other big city governing entities remedying citizen grievances, I try to remain positive. My former naive societal world view has definitely been altered, jaded by past and present government machinations impacting me. Hopefully, this jurisdiction’s acclamations of a just and fair governing apparatus remedying citizen concerns and grievances will prove true, more so concerns from the disenfranchised and oppressed in the community.


Arthur V. Reyes

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